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Busy Site

Cranston Ridge is a busy site with building 1 second floor framing well under way and the parkade walls of building 2 being poured today;

photo   image

Below are some previous pictures of the parkade walls, columns and footings being formed on Building 2 and framing of Building 1.

Cranston Ridge 2 Forming   IMG_0613   IMG_0616   Cranston Ridge 1 Framing

Under Construction

We are very excited to be under construction on Sage Place Building 1! Excavation started at the end of July as shown below;


Currently we are forming the footings and expect the first pour to be early next week, road prep is also under way for the first lift of asphalt throughout the site.

Sage 1 Footing Forms   Sage Road Prep 1

Landscaping and Exterior Work

We now have just under half of the new home owners moved into Building D and we’re happy that they can already enjoy most of landscaping around the building.

IMG_0532   IMG_0533

Later today we’ll finish pouring the sidewalks between Buildings C & D and next week we’ll continue with the sod and planting of trees and shrubs in this area.


Building 1 Parkade Suspended Slab

We’re excited to have substantially completed the parkade, this milestone was reached when we poured the Suspended Slab yesterday.

photo 12   photo 3

Excavation for the joint ramp of buildings 1 and 2 is under way.


Below are a few pictures of the preparation for the suspended slab pour;

IMG_0446   IMG_0447

IMG_0469   IMG_0521


Building 1 Slab On Grade Prep

The heavy rains slowed us down a little but our dedicated staff and trades have caught us back up, the slab is being prepared for a pour tomorrow (weather willing).

Cran Ridge 1 - SOG Prep 1   Cran Ridge 1 - SOG Prep 2

The deep services are also continuing and should be done towards the end of next week.

Cran Ridge - Deep Services

Below are a few pictures from last week of the underground services going into the parkade.

IMG_0362 IMG_0358

Exterior and Interior Progress

Busy times at Panorama, on the exterior of Building D we’re currently wrapping up the stone and siding. Last week we put down the final lift of asphalt in front of Buildings C & D and are now working on side walks and will follow that with Landscaping starting in the next few weeks;

IMG_0252   Exterior - Pan West D

Inside Building D we’re completing the common areas and doing final touches in the suites on main floor and are just wrapping up the hardwood in the 4th floor suites.

Corridor - Pan West D   Kitchen - Pan West D   IMG_0267