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Nolan Park Site Preparation

With the Deep Services complete we’re taking advantage of the good weather and prepping roads to pave and grading the site for the shallow utilities install. Next week we’ll start excavation and forming of building foundations. Please see a few site pictures below;

IMG_2155 IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2190 IMG_2291 IMG_2293

Construction at Cranston Ridge 3

We’re pleased to announce that the roof is on and shingled at Cranston Ridge Building 3! With the roof in place and the exterior finishes starting, we are moving forward with insulation and drywall on the main floor while continuing the rough in work and fire rating on the upper floors. There is also good progress on the preparation for the elevator, electrical distribution and Mechanical Systems. Please see some progress photos below;

IMG_2310 IMG_2311 2015-11-03 16.33.45 IMG_2163 IMG_2268 IMG_2256 IMG_2174 IMG_2264 IMG_2265 IMG_2272 IMG_2162 IMG_2312IMG_2326 2015-11-03 12.32.23

Auburn Walk 2 Parkade Pour

We’re happy to have the parkade under building 2 substantially complete! Earlier this week we poured the last portion of the suspended and framing will be underway next week! Please see a few progress pictures of the construction to date;

IMG_2243 IMG_2248 IMG_2250 IMG_2331IMG_2333 IMG_2332 IMG_2337 IMG_2336 


Nolan Park Deep Services

We’ve got equipment on site and we’re thrilled to have the sites Deep Services started. There will be a lot of activity on the site over the next few weeks as the water lines, storm and sewer pipe are installed. Please see some pictures below of the activity.

IMG_2100  IMG_2102IMG_2104

Excavating Building 3

We’re excited to have started the excavation of Building 3, there is a lot of rock to deal with but after long search we found a place to take it. Please see a few pictures of our progress and of the site.

IMG_2110  IMG_2107IMG_2105  IMG_1731IMG_1755  IMG_1818IMG_1844

Framing Building 3

Framing of Building 3 started in August and we’re excited with the progress to date. Currently the 4th floor is being framed with roof trusses coming next week. The rough-in of the mechanical and electrical is also underway in the building and on the outside the ramp has been poured and the tunnel connection is being formed. Please see some pictures below of the progress.

IMG_2093  IMG_2064IMG_2044  IMG_2050IMG_2092  IMG_2065IMG_2047  IMG_2098

Underway At Auburn Walk

Construction at Auburn Walk started this summer and we’re well underway! Currently we’re working on the parkade, prepping for the slab on grade pour and we also put the first lift of pavement down for the site roads. Please check out some pictures below.

IMG_2075  IMG_2080IMG_2086  IMG_2088 IMG_2091

Happy New Years!

We hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday, we feel refreshed and are happy to be back at it.

On building 1 the framing of the roof is wrapping up early next week and the roofing will follow, inside the building rough-ins of mechanical and electrical systems continue throughout. Preparation for the delivery of the elevator are underway.

2015-01-06 15.33.27   2015-01-06 15.34.37   2015-01-07 11.35.21   IMG_0342 - Copy   IMG_0346 - Copy   IMG_0352 - Copy

Prior to the break the suspended slab was poured on building 2 and framing will be starting shortly.

IMG_0331   IMG_0334   2015-01-07 11.31.29