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Happy New Year

After a nice break we’re back it, refreshed and raring to go!

In Building 1 on the main floor the stage one finishes have been sprayed and wall tile has started, on level 2 the cabinets are in and the stage one finishes are being installed, the cabinets are now delivered and being installed on the third floor and on fourth the mud and tape is underway. In the parkade the Mechanical Systems are in place and are being connected.

IMG_0455   IMG_0456   IMG_0463   IMG_0464   IMG_0466   IMG_0435   IMG_0470   IMG_0471   IMG_0472

In building 2 the windows are being installed along with the rough-in of the mechanical and electrical systems, insulation and poly will be starting next week on the main floor. The preparation for the delievery and installation of the elevator have also been completed.

IMG_0421   IMG_0422   IMG_0425   IMG_0432   IMG_0445   IMG_0451   IMG_0377

On building 3 the underslab utilities have been installed in the parkade and the suspended slab forming is being stood.

IMG_0447   IMG_0449   IMG_0468


Auburn Walk

It’s exciting to get started on a new project, we’ve now fenced off the site, scraped and cleared the vegitation and dropped off gravel for the deep services installation starting next week;

IMG_0238   IMG_0235

Cranston Ridge Construction Update

Despite the cold weather we’re pushing through, at Cranston Ridge Building 1 the exterior siding is coming along and we’ve also got the stone started too;

IMG_0167   IMG_0170   IMG_0173

Inside the building the Cabinets are being installed on the first floor, on level 2 the mud and taping is complete and ceilings are being textured, boarding is underway on level 3 and on the forth floor poly and insulation is wrapping up;

IMG_0198   IMG_0211 - Copy   IMG_0215   IMG_0217 - Copy   IMG_0221 - Copy   IMG_0233

Building 2 is moving along as well, the windows and patio doors are being installed and the roof has been sheathed. On the inside rough-ins of mechanical and electrical systems are underway;

IMG_0169   IMG_0227   IMG_0197   IMG_0174   IMG_0175   IMG_0176   IMG_0182

Building 3 the walls are poured and the under slab services are being installed;

photo 1   photo 2

During the milder weather since the last post we were able to get the first lift of asphalt down;






Winter is Here but it is Business as Usual

Despite the cold snowy weather construction continues.

At Sage Place Building 1, framing on the 3rd floor is underway and rough-ins will start soon;

2014-11-13 14.59.24   2014-11-12 13.22.50

On Sage Place Building 2, the walls were recently poured and the underslab utilities are now being installed;

2014-11-10 16.05.41   2014-11-10 16.02.41   2014-11-13 14.53.27

Below are a few pictures of the progress since the last post.

Sage Place Building 1;

2014-10-08 15.13.29   2014-10-14 13.31.21   2014-10-17 14.27.42   2014-10-21 12.03.41  2014-10-21 12.04.50   2014-10-28 08.10.42 (1)   2014-11-10 16.02.13

Sage Place Building 2;

2014-10-14 09.08.28   2014-10-14 09.08.53   2014-10-21 12.02.27   2014-10-28 15.00.16  2014-11-07 14.42.44   2014-11-07 14.43.46   2014-11-07 14.43.52   2014-11-12 13.13.13

Cold Weather Construction

Winter is hear but its business as usual!

At Cranston Ridge Bldg 1 the siding is underway on the outside, on the inside insulation, drywall, mudding and taping is underway on the upper floors with plumbing in the parkade;

IMG_0029   IMG_0031   IMG_0035   IMG_0051

Here is a picture of the shaft in building 1 ready for the elevator install to start shortly;


Framing for Cranston Ridge Building 2 is up on the forth floor with mechanical rough-ins starting on the lower floors;

IMG_0047   image (2)

On Cranston Ridge Building 3 the footings have been poured and walls are being formed;

image   image (1)

Below are a few progress photos of the different buildings since the last post.

Building 1 & 2 Ramp;

photo 2 (4)   photo 41

Building 1 Exterior;

photo 11   image

Building 2;

image (1)   Cranston Ridge 2

Building 3;

photo 51   image (2)   Cranston Ridge 3 (2)


Rough-Ins and Framing

Cranston Ridge is a busy site, Building 1 is in full swing with Plumbing Rough-ins on level 3, Electrical Rough-ins on levels 1 and 2 and the roofing just starting.

IMG_1240 - Copy   IMG_1242   IMG_1247

Building 2 had the suspended slab poured last week and now the framers are hard at work on the first floor;

IMG_1250   IMG_1241   IMG_1239

Prep for the shared ramp slab is underway;

IMG_1236 - Copy   IMG_1235 - Copy

Below are few progress photo’s since the last post;

photo   IMG_1060   IMG_1061   IMG_1175


Slab On Grade

Things are moving along at Sage Place, on Wednesday we poured the Slab On Grade for the Parkade of Building 1 and we poured the ramp walls the day before;

IMG_1202   IMG_1213   IMG_1218

Next week we’re excited to start the excavation of building 2. Below are few progress photos;

IMG_1088   IMG_1076

Sage Building 1 Parkade

The Walls have been formed and poured for the Parkade at Sage Building 1 and now we’re working on installing the services that go under the slab on grade which is planned to be poured next week.

IMG_1073   IMG_1094   IMG_1095 

Site work also continues with the installation of the retaining wall along the south property line.


The Building Permit for Sage Place 2 has been applied for and once released we will begin excavation for the parkade.

Framing and Forming

Despite the weather Cranston Ridge is a very busy and exciting site with two buildings well under construction;

Cranston Ridge Building 1 is currently standing roof trusses and has started the rough-ins of the electrical and mechanical systems.

photo 2

Cranston Ridge Building 2 is now having the suspended slab formed and the mechanical sleeves installed.

photo 3    photo 1

Below are a few progress photos of Cranston Ridge Buildings 1 & 2 between the last post and now;

IMG_0789   IMG_0901   IMG_0888   IMG_0908   photo 2   photo 31   IMG_0895   photo 21