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Construction at Cranston Ridge 3

We’re pleased to announce that the roof is on and shingled at Cranston Ridge Building 3! With the roof in place and the exterior finishes starting, we are moving forward with insulation and drywall on the main floor while continuing the rough in work and fire rating on the upper floors. There is also good progress on Read More

Framing Building 3

Framing of Building 3 started in August and we’re excited with the progress to date. Currently the 4th floor is being framed with roof trusses coming next week. The rough-in of the mechanical and electrical is also underway in the building and on the outside the ramp has been poured and the tunnel connection is being Read More

Happy New Year

After a nice break we’re back it, refreshed and raring to go! In Building 1 on the main floor the stage one finishes have been sprayed and wall tile has started, on level 2 the cabinets are in and the stage one finishes are being installed, the cabinets are now delivered and being installed on Read More

Cold Weather Construction

Winter is hear but its business as usual! At Cranston Ridge Bldg 1 the siding is underway on the outside, on the inside insulation, drywall, mudding and taping is underway on the upper floors with plumbing in the parkade;           Here is a picture of the shaft in building 1 ready for Read More

Rough-Ins and Framing

Cranston Ridge is a busy site, Building 1 is in full swing with Plumbing Rough-ins on level 3, Electrical Rough-ins on levels 1 and 2 and the roofing just starting.        Building 2 had the suspended slab poured last week and now the framers are hard at work on the first floor;    Read More

Framing and Forming

Despite the weather Cranston Ridge is a very busy and exciting site with two buildings well under construction; Cranston Ridge Building 1 is currently standing roof trusses and has started the rough-ins of the electrical and mechanical systems. Cranston Ridge Building 2 is now having the suspended slab formed and the mechanical sleeves installed.   Read More

Busy Site

Cranston Ridge is a busy site with building 1 second floor framing well under way and the parkade walls of building 2 being poured today;     Below are some previous pictures of the parkade walls, columns and footings being formed on Building 2 and framing of Building 1.          

Building 1 Parkade Suspended Slab

We’re excited to have substantially completed the parkade, this milestone was reached when we poured the Suspended Slab yesterday.     Excavation for the joint ramp of buildings 1 and 2 is under way. Below are a few pictures of the preparation for the suspended slab pour;        

Parkade Walls and Deep Utilities

Things are moving along, today we poured the concrete for the Parkade Walls. The Deep Services for the site are also proceeding. We have completed the tie-ins to the municipal system and are working on piping through out the site. Below are some earlier pictures of the Walls and Footings being formed;