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Cold Weather Construction in Cranston Ridge

Winter is hear but its business as usual!

At Cranston Ridge Bldg 1 the siding is underway on the outside, on the inside insulation, drywall, mudding and taping is underway on the upper floors with plumbing in the parkade;

IMG_0029   IMG_0031   IMG_0035   IMG_0051

Here is a picture of the shaft in building 1 ready for the elevator install to start shortly;


Framing for Cranston Ridge Building 2 is up on the forth floor with mechanical rough-ins starting on the lower floors;

IMG_0047   image (2)

On Cranston Ridge Building 3 the footings have been poured and walls are being formed;

image   image (1)

Below are a few progress photos of the different buildings since the last post.

Building 1 & 2 Ramp;

photo 2 (4)   photo 41

Building 1 Exterior;

photo 11   image

Building 2;

image (1)   Cranston Ridge 2

Building 3;

photo 51   image (2)   Cranston Ridge 3 (2)