Happy New Year

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Happy New Year in Cranston Ridge

After a nice break we’re back it, refreshed and raring to go!

In Building 1 on the main floor the stage one finishes have been sprayed and wall tile has started, on level 2 the cabinets are in and the stage one finishes are being installed, the cabinets are now delivered and being installed on the third floor and on fourth the mud and tape is underway. In the parkade the Mechanical Systems are in place and are being connected.

IMG_0455   IMG_0456   IMG_0463   IMG_0464   IMG_0466   IMG_0435   IMG_0470   IMG_0471   IMG_0472

In building 2 the windows are being installed along with the rough-in of the mechanical and electrical systems, insulation and poly will be starting next week on the main floor. The preparation for the delievery and installation of the elevator have also been completed.

IMG_0421   IMG_0422   IMG_0425   IMG_0432   IMG_0445   IMG_0451   IMG_0377

On building 3 the underslab utilities have been installed in the parkade and the suspended slab forming is being stood.

IMG_0447   IMG_0449   IMG_0468