Rough-Ins and Framing

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Rough-Ins and Framing in Cranston Ridge

Cranston Ridge is a busy site, Building 1 is in full swing with Plumbing Rough-ins on level 3, Electrical Rough-ins on levels 1 and 2 and the roofing just starting.

IMG_1240 - Copy   IMG_1242   IMG_1247

Building 2 had the suspended slab poured last week and now the framers are hard at work on the first floor;

IMG_1250   IMG_1241   IMG_1239

Prep for the shared ramp slab is underway;

IMG_1236 - Copy   IMG_1235 - Copy

Below are few progress photo’s since the last post;

photo   IMG_1060   IMG_1061   IMG_1175